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Finally getting a blog going on this beast!  This is my second attempt at a blog on the Andreas Philip Gross Enterprises Homepage - wish me luck!

Whew!  It's been two months since I have pounded out a post on this blog.  Even just a year ago, two months seemed like such a short time to me to go between posts; but now it feels like an eternity!  As those who have been following me know, I got involved in a Professional ICF Coach Certification Course back in November of 2020 and, yes, this course has really been transforming my life....yes, yes, yes, all the "gurus" say that, right?  But it's true!  I know; I know; I hear your grumbling already, ha, ha!  Back to the point of "two months since my last post:" one of the TAs in our class is an avid believer and follower of The One Quarter Year.  Each "year" in her life lasts one quarter of a year (three months).  Ok, ok, of course not literally!  She's not some weirdo who negates the calendar!  What she does is plan her time, ventures, and businesses to operate on The One Quarter Year System.  Things that other businesses would "normally" (whatever normal is!) plan to roll out over the course of a regular calendar year, this TA in my coach cert. course plans to roll out in the course of 3 months.  I haven't quite gone on a One Quarter Year schedule in my life - actually I am far from something like that - but I have become increasingly mindful and efficient about how I use my time these days! [continue reading]

Published February 4, 2021

As I've been following through with my coaching program, I've been forced to (and this is for the better) confront exactly what it is that I want in life. You see, you read and hear about this all the time - the "gurus" constantly saying: "It all boils down to what you really want in life," but us "everyday Joes/Janes," us "common civilians," which I very much consider myself to be, are rarely able to wrap our heads around this message. And when we do get little hints and glimpses of insight in its various forms, we often either write it off as insignificant (i.e. "Oh, that's all it is/was? Anyone could do/make/perform that!") or beyond our scope (i.e. "Oh, I see, I get it now....but I could never do that!"). And then we take these two messages and just keep living our lives mediocrely, just going through the day-to-day to "get by," without actually trying to change anything. [continue reading]

Published September 28, 2020

Wow! I'm back! Well, what's been going on? A lot, or at least it seems that way since school has started up again. Us school employees came back to work at our school on July 24th, and students came back soon thereafter on September 1st. Since that time, life has been back in its "mile a minute" kind of pace.

Our school is under new leadership this school year.  At the end of last semester*, our Superintended died out of the blue (not related to COVID), and the contracts of our Principal and the Director of my immediate department were not renewed by the school (so those two managers were forced to leave).  We were all wondering how things would kick-off when this school year started, with a new Superintendent, Principal, and Director of our immediate department, and so far (knock on wood - I don't want to jinx anything!) things have been much better than they ever were in the past. [continue reading]

Published July 29, 2020

I’m not going to lead into this with some lengthy introduction (I plan on writing some future blog posts about “How I First Came to China” for some of that), but I do want to say this:

NONE OF THE THINGS I mention in this article or subsequent articles on the matter are intended as criticisms or somehow “calling China and the Chinese out as doing something ‘bad!’” That is not my intent here at all. These are simply differences in day-to-day life that stand out to me as an American and individual – I judge them as neither “bad” nor “good.” It’s just the way things are over there – or at least the way life has been presented to me in the community I live in, and I have perceived it, over here – and that is that.[continue reading]